Workplace management skills include being a good role model, knowing how to delegate, communication, and legal compliance. ATS Media’s management-training options train managers and supervisors to ensure a positive, respectful, productive, and legally compliant workplace for all.

Human Resources departments nationwide have more and more come to support their organization’s managers with meaningful training. ATS Media provides the best and most up-to-date management-training videos, DVDs, eLearning, and online courses available. And we are experts at helping HR navigate the wide range of management training options.

Private-sector, government, educational, and not-for-profit organizations know the importance of training their supervisors in all areas, from hiring to termination. We offer a range of training for supervisory employees that outlines legal liability and compliance issues. Comprehensive California-specific training programs and courses for managers are also available. Contact ATS Media for training that teaches managers what they need to know in today’s culturally diverse workplaces.

“Less formal, ongoing conversations between managers and those they supervise about the importance of respect, inclusiveness, and teamwork also help keep everyone on track.”

From Harassment-Prevention Essentials for Managers™

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Showing 1 - 24 of 73 items
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