Employee Safety

The importance of workplace safety cannot be overstated. The consequences of workplace accidents can be long-term and devastating, and training to prevent them is crucial.

The wide range of safety-training options from ATS Media range from those that focus on managers and employees taking safety seriously to those that address industry-specific safety protocols and best practices. Safety training runs the gamut from OSHA-compliant training to prevent transmission of blood-borne pathogens for those in the healthcare industry to training on workplace violence for a more general audience.

Safety training, whether it focuses on attitude or best practices, is a priority for Human Resources departments nationwide. ATS Media provides the best and most up-to-date safety-training videos, DVDs, eLearning, and online courses available. And we are experts at helping HR navigate the wide range of options.

Private-sector, government, educational, and not-for-profit organizations take safety seriously, and avoid accidents and lawsuits by providing ongoing safety training to their personnel.

“Working safely is intentional. It’s a choice. Commit yourself to making safe choices every time.”

From Miracle on the Hudson: Prepare for Safety

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