How Am I Doing?

How Am I Doing?

John Cleese's three inept managerial characters portrayed.

Program length 26 minutes
Topics: Cleese, John Library, Video Arts, John Cleese, ...

Appraisal interviews offer managers a golden opportunity to identify problems and opportunities, motivate staff and improve performance. But the mishandling of such interviews can create the opposite effect. John Cleese's three inept managerial characters show how an appraisal interview should not be conducted: Ethelred the Unready never prepares or makes time; Ivan the Terrible is too fond of the sound of his own ranting; and the king of platitudes, William the Silent, cannot bring himself to make any criticism for fear of creating bad feelings. Ethelred, Ivan and William learn skills to communicate effectively and conduct successful performance appraisals.

Key Learning Points

  • Review case history.
  • Listen to evidence and agree on
  • diagnosis.
  • Face up to problem areas.
  • Agree on and review a plan of action.

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