The Appraisal Interview

The Appraisal Interview

Lessons for both parties in the appraisal

Program length 26 minutes
Topics: Video Arts, John Cleese, Performance Appraisal, ...

Shows managers how to understand and address the needs of their staff. For a manager about to conduct an interview, or a staff member to be interviewed, this appraisal interview video and self-study pack (for appraisees) will ensure both sides understand the objective of an appraisal. It takes a look at the whole appraisal process, and provides a number of valuable behavior do's and don'ts to follow. In terms of overall behavior, people should be adequately prepared, should listen and ask questions, and must concentrate on performance and not personality. In terms of performance, they should be specific about successes and failures, agree on future objectives and a course of action together, and be constructive and not destructive. Once the interview is complete, it is vital to monitor progress throughout the year, follow up on any issues that are raised, and use the past to reshape the future - putting what you've learned towards organizational performance and individual development.

Key Learning Points

  • Suitable for a stand-alone appraisal course
  • Targeted at all managers, team leaders, and their staff
  • Summary guide reinforces the key learning points
  • Includes self-study pack for appraisees

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  • Online Delivery (call for pricing)
  • E-Learning (call for pricing)

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What's Included DVD, Course Leader‘s Guide
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