Joel Barker's Leadershift

Five Lessons For Leaders In The 21st Century

Joel Barker's Leadershift

More than anything else, leaders build bridges that help us move from where we are to where we want to be. The concept of leadership is changing. Leadershift: Five Lessons for Leaders in the 21st Century explores these shifts and offers five concepts that will improve the performance of any leader. Using bridge-building as a metaphor, futurist Joel Barker teaches us that, more than anthing else, the 21st century leader will build bridgesbridges built of hope and ideas and opportunites. Bridges that help us move from where we are to where we need to be. Using inspiring locations and vivid stories, Joel Barker's Leadershift motivates every leader, and aspiring leader, to develop the skills needed to lead his or her organization into the 21st century.

Key Learning Points

  • Focus the majority of your efforts on the future.
  • Understand the nature of fundamental change.
  • Appreciate complex systems and how they work.
  • Examine your leadership style to see how it effects productivity.
  • Create shared vision to build bridges to the future.

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Title Joel Barker's Leadershift
Program length 29 minutes