The Business of Paradigms

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The Business of Paradigms

Great ideas are emerging all around us. Some could open doors to incredible possibilities. Some could cancel nearly every competitive advantage we thought we had. And yet these ideas, which have the power to transform the way we live and work, are often invisible to us

By helping us to understand our paradigmsthe filters through which we experience the worldThe Business of Paradigms helps us see opportunities that we have never seen before.

Futurist Joel Barker issues an effective wake-up call, reminding us that the same ideas that brought us to where we are today are not necessarily the same ones that will take us to tomorrow.

The Business of Paradigms is the best-selling business film of all time. Today, in the Internet age, its fundamental lessons are even more valuable to the emerging leaders at all levels of your organization.


Key Learning Points

  • Confront the perceptions that can blind us to change
  • Transform the fear of change into flexible, open attitudes
  • Understand the impact of paradigm paralysis
  • Recognize previously hidden opportunities

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Title The Business of Paradigms
Program length 38 minutes