Ready. Set. CHANGE!

Reacting Smarter. Adapting Faster. Engaging Together

Employees need the skills to react smarter, adapt faster and engage together in the face of change.

Program length 28 minutes
Topics: Change, Change Management, Peter Quarry
As organizations change with increasing speed, so does the pace in which employees must respond. Employees need the skills to react smarter, adapt faster and engage together in the face of change. Ready. Set. CHANGE! powerfully equips employees with the ability to positively and productively respond to any change big or small. This must-have training program features classroom materials with multiple agenda options, video behavior modeling and a Change Response Assessment.

Top Three Reasons to Provide Change Training
  • Increase Change Competency - Establish a shared, common expectation among employees about how to understand and react to the kind of change businesses are experiencing today.
  • Streamline Productivity - Teach employees how to adapt to changes more quickly and with less disruption to productivity through informed decisions and improved communication.
  • Reduce Employee Stress -  Ease pressures, frustration and anxiety around change that result in burn-out, absenteeism or turnover by giving employees what they need to engage and thrive in the workplace.

Key Learning Points

  • Explain how their reactions to change impact those around them
  • Identify feelings, concerns or issues that might inhibit their effectiveness or decision making around a change
  • Apply The Change Response Strategy™ to proactively analyze and navigate any change
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately to get the information they need to engage in change

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What's Included Facilitator Guide, Reproducible Participant Materials & Reproducible Self-Study Guide
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