The Power of One

Learn from the latest scientific insights on applying integrity and values at work and discover simple yet powerful new tools.

Program length 18 Minutes
Topics: Change, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, ...

Now you can benefit from this groundbreaking approach that unlocks hidden capacity to win in a changing world.  With crystal-clear questions, uncommon wisdom, and proven solutions to work smarter, not harder with more trust, initiative, integrity, and values. This video program is jam-packed with inspirational, one-of-a-kind scientific insights and ultra-practical new tools.  Robert K. Cooper, Ph.D., shares The Power of One - a unique way for one individual to make an immediate and lasting difference that builds exceptional teamwork and results. Front-line employees, professionals, and leaders at all levels will find compelling questions, fresh perspectives, proven tools, and timesaving answers. The Power of One video program, with its accompanying Personal Advancement Guide, offers a unique way for leading-edge trainers and coaches to focus on key insights and tools from Dr. Coopers work with star-performing individuals, leaders, and teams worldwide.

Key Learning Points

  • The latest scientific insights on applying integrity and values at work.
  • Simple yet powerful new tools on advancing individual strengths, talents, drive, trust, work priorities, initiative, commitment, and follow-through.
  • Key interaction approaches that set star-performing teams apart from the rest.

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What's Included DVD, 10 Personal Advancement Guides, Worksheets, and Leader's Guide
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