The Helping Hand

Program length 34 minutes
Topics: Delegation, Cleese, John Library, Video Arts, ...

Promote growth for managers and their staff The Helping Hand looks at the manager's direct role in coaching staff. Understanding the importance of coaching and then learning to coach is not easy. Many managers take the route of saying 'I'll do it myself, it will only take five minutes' - which leaves the manager overburdened and team members underused and undervalued. Managers need to decide which tasks a team member can take responsibility for and coach him or her accordingly. How to accomplish this is clearly illustrated and explained by this video, in which John Cleese plays the presenter in a training video on coaching. Unfortunately, his fictional video features a manager (Robert Lindsay) who knows absolutely nothing about coaching. Cleese has to coach Lindsay until he is competent. We watch Lindsay learn how to identify exactly where the need for coaching lies, how to conduct the coaching itself and then how to monitor the results. During this process, he also discovers the value of patience and delegation.

Key Learning Points

  • Identify the need
  • Plan the coaching program
  • Conduct the coaching
  • Monitor the results
  • Continue to monitor results

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What's Included DVD, Leader's Guide & Briefcase Booklet
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