The Courage to Coach

Program length 19 minutes
Topics: Leadership, Coaching, Management, ...

Got an employee who does great work, but their attitude makes them impossible to work with? What about managing someone who used to be your equal or someone who is younger than you? Or how about a problem employee whos just not getting the message? This video training course outlines a specific five-step process for coaching that will improve any employee performance situation. It begins with a critical first step of calling it like you see it. Then youll find out how to reach an agreement on the problem, develop an action plan for correcting the problem and follow up with the employee. Its always easier when you can watch someone else firstwhich is exactly what this video training course lets you do. The videos stop-and-discuss vignettes actually show you easy-to-follow examples of many of the typical problems managers face.

Key Learning Points

  • Initially deal with a problem situation and get a coaching conversation started
  • Coach someone with an attitude problem
  • Handle employees who won’t take you seriously
  • Ask someone who does a good job to “crank it up” a bit
  • Use documentation when you have an employee who’s not getting the message

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What's Included Facilitator Guide, Reproducible Participant Materials and Reproducible Self-Study Workbook
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