Dimensions of Coaching

Program length 22 minutes
Topics: Coaching

Coaching is one of the most powerful tools available for reaching business and professional development goals. So, why arent more individuals and organizations experiencing phenomenal results? The answer lies in the approach. The old view of strictly manager-driven coaching severely limits results. In todays business climate, a coach can be anyone who has the knowledge, willingness, and availability to help with a developmental need. An understanding of the concept of coaching and mastery of a proven coaching process can transform professionals into more valuable resources for each other and the organization. Dimensions of Coaching is a visual exploration of the different kinds of coaching and when these different approaches are most appropriate and effective. Professional actors dramatize the use of coaching in realistic situations, and a narrator guides the audience through a simple, but highly effective model for using coaching in their own developmental programs. Each option is fully illustrated, creating one of the most comprehensive teaching tools available on this subject.

Key Learning Points

  • How to coach with either a directive or nondirective approach
  • When to coach with an ongoing development program or only as circumstances warrant
  • What approach to use,holistic or specific

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What's Included DVD, 10 Effective Coaching Booklets, and 1 facilitator guide
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