The Practical Coach

Encouraging, Correcting, And Challenging Your Team

Let your team members know their performance is important!

Program length 24 minutes
Topics: Coaching, Supervision, Performance Improvement

This motivational coaching tool offers sensible advice on how to care about each member of your team by suggesting three different ways to let your team members know their performance is important. Plus, leaders will learn how to implement the "2-Minute Challenge" model for keeping employees on track.

Key Learning Points

  • When they are doing great work, let them know: When you see it, say it
  • When they are doing poor work, let them know: Make it private and positive
  • When they are on a dead-end road, let them know: Use the 2-Minute Challenge
  • State what you’ve observed. Wait for a response. Remind them of the goal. Ask for a specific solution. Agree together.

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