Impressions Count

An Introduction to Workplace Etiquette and Communication

Teach employees how to make the right impression.

Program length 18 minutes
Topics: Attitude, Communication, Respect, ...

What kind of impression do your employees make when people visit your workplace? When people visit your workplace, what impression do they walk away with? Make sure the impression is a good one by making sure all employees follow the helpful guidelines to business etiquette revealed in this video.


Meet Peta, an experienced administrator who has been interviewed for a position at a prestigious museum. The president believes she is perfect for the position and is excited about her joining the team. Before accepting the job, Peta wants to spend a day at the museum getting to know the people

who work there. The rest of the team willingly accept the task of giving Peta a guided tour of their work environment.

The following day Peta declines the position. What went wrong? The team meets for a serious debrief on how Petas day at the museum progressed. The video follows the team's experiences and gives each of them a second chance to correct the behavior that led to her decision. Once the team learns a few important tips on business etiquette, the impression they give Peta is a positive one-- leaving us to believe she will accept the position after all.

Key Learning Points

  • The importance of introductions
  • The value of being interested in other people
  • The value of being considerate of other people’s feelings
  • The need to own-up when you’ve done something wrong
  • How to make and receive apologies
  • How to keep a conversation flowing
  • The importance of basic manners and niceties
  • Some basic email etiquette

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