Leadership: An Art of Possibility

Discover a new style of leadership that will give every employee within your organization the ability to participate in the vision!

Ben Zander, Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra.

Leadership: An Art of Possibility training video

Experience the phenomenon of Ben Zander, world-renowned conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, as he expressively teaches a new and improved style of leadership in the exciting video training program Leadership: an Art of Possibility.

The new leaders job is to SPEAK POSSIBILITY.  To speak possibility you do not need to be the top guy in the elegant suit.  You can speak possibility from any position, in any group of people, anywhere in the world. This leader keeps a possibility alive until every person involved in the project is enrolled in it. As Ben often says, when you are conducting an orchestra it does not work to have just some of the players involved. A great performance arises out of everyone's passion. And a great performance stirs the soul, rearranges ones molecules, connects ones being to the being of others.

This kind of leadership increases the resources of an institution immeasurably in terms of energy, flexibility, and speed of response to a fast-paced world.

Key Learning Points

  • Speak Possibility
  • Recognize the downward spiral and enroll people in the journey to Radiating Possibility
  • Lead by making others more powerful (The conductor does not make a sound)
  • Look for shining eyes
  • Quiet the voice in the head that says "I can't do it"
  • Everyone gets an "A" (Give people a possibility to live into, not an expectation to live up to)
  • Remember Rule #6!

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