How to Lose Customers Without Really Trying

Humorous sketches lay the foundations for customer care.

Program length 32 minutes
Topics: Video Arts, Humor, Customer Service, ...

This program clearly demonstrates that the same guidelines for keeping customers satisfied apply in different situations, from sales, to service, to a retail checkout, or reception desk.

In various realistic scenarios, staff resort to attacking behavior. By having behavior that is patronising, superior, or defensiver, they all ignore the customer altogether or fail to accept responsibility. The humorous sketches lay the foundations for customer care and provide a concrete set of behavioral rules to make customers happy and keep them coming back.

They provide a memorable demonstration of the do's and don'ts of customer care, which include finding a real need behind a request, agreeing a solution with a customer, and seeing things through to a successful conclusion.

Key Learning Points

  • Suitable for front-line staff in any organization
  • Humorous scenarios based upon real life
  • Key learning points suitable for role-play or discussion
  • Rules are valid for any customer-care exercise

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What's Included DVD, course leader's guide, delegate worksheets, PowerPoint slides and self-study workbook on disk.
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