Discipline & Termination: Improving Performance and Reducing Liability

Legal Briefs Employment Law Series Part 3

Improving Performance & Reducing Liability.

Program length 15 minutes
Topics: Legal Issues, Documentation, Discipline

Coaching. Progressive discipline. Termination. These are challenging jobs for any manager no matter how seasoned. But they are also absolutely essential skills in today's litigious workplace. This program uses straightforward language and real world examples to present the most common issues and potholes that managers and organizations face. Then it provides specific actions any manager can implement to help them avoid their day in court. This video covers issues like avoidance, such as delegating discipline, transferring problem employees, or fabricating "layoffs"-inconsistency, like making exceptions based on tenure or cultural differences-too much or too little documentation, and more. The Legal Briefs Series is designed to build on the information presented in It's the Law: The Legal Side of Management. Each 1-hour training module drills deeper to focus exclusively on the really tough issues managers struggle with in each separate employment law area.

Key Learning Points

  • Effective progressive discipline helps to retain good people and improve performance.
  • Avoiding discipline or termination can lead to charges of discrimination, unlawful retaliation, and wrongful retention.
  • Consistent documentation-be consistent, specific, and state required actions, timelines, and consequences.
  • Preparations-Terminations must be planned-don't "wing-it".
  • Focus on behaviors, improvement and consequences. Don't get trapped into unproductive and risky discussions.

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