Building the Multicultural Team

Both entertaining and educational, this video makes an excellent supplement to a managerial, sales or executive training.

Building the Multicultural Team

Ideal for team building activities, Building the Multicultural Team: Diversity in the Workplace will take you on an exciting journey to observe a global team in action. You'll watch a problem-plagued meeting between five managers from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America, and discover powerful techniques for working effectively with other cultures.

Key Learning Points

  • Understanding the challenges of work in a multicultural team
  • Developing an effective cross-cultural, multicultural leadership plan
  • Finding out how to communicate effectively with other cultures
  • Dealing effectively with differences in values and priorities
  • Discovering how to build effective working relationships
  • Seeing success stories on multicultural teams
  • Understanding that awareness is a "two-way street": all cultures need to adapt
  • Learning how to bridge differences and create a balanced approach
@ $595.00 each
Title Building the Multicultural Team
Program length 15 minutes

DVD, instructors guide with video script, discussion questions and role play exercises