Cross Cultural Understanding

Provide your team with the skills they need to effectively communicate across cultural lines.

Cross Cultural Understanding

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, people need to develop greater cultural diversity skills. It's up to you to provide intercultural communication training to effectively communicate with and understand other cultures. Our top-selling training program, Cross-Cultural Understanding investigates all the key components of culture and communication, including values and beliefs, social structure, perceptions of time, communication styles, proper etiquette and more.

Key Learning Points

  • How to recognize and respect differences in values
  • How to work effectively with different views of leadership and teamwork
  • How to deal with different attitudes toward time and deadlines - and how to keep things moving forward
  • How to communicate effectively with other cultures
  • How to respect different beliefs and viewpoints
  • How to show respect for cultural diversity with proper etiquette
@ $695.00 each
Title Cross Cultural Understanding
Program length 45 minutes

DVD, instructors guide with video script, discussion questions and role play exercises