OpeningLines: Facing Diversity

Elegantly and intelligently explores the four core aspects of a diverse workplace.

Program length 4 minutes
Topics: Meeting Openers, Diversity, ATS Media Programs

Opening Lines: Facing Diversity is a four minute meeting opener/closer that elegantly and intelligently explores the four core aspects of a diverse workplace stereotypes, similarities, unity and benefits using vibrant colors and graphics along with inspirational music.

This companion video to core program Diversity: Face to Face, is a great way to start or end any discussion about diversity and respect in the workplace.

Key Learning Points

  • Stereotypes: fully understand what stereotypes are and are not. Learn how stereotypes affect others and ourselves. Learn how to recognize them and stop negative behavior.
  • Similarities: what we have in common is often what brings us together. Learn how to search for what we share rather than focus on what we disagree on.
  • Unity: becoming a member of the team is important. Unity is an important goal for any organization. Learn how to “come together” instead of excluding ourselves and others.
  • Benefits: explore the benefits and rewards of a diverse organization in ways you may have never considered! The world has changed, and because of the global marketplace, diversity is even more important than ever.

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