Diversity Made Simple - Government Version

A Workplace Diversity Course for Government Employees

Program length 11 minutes
Topics: Diversity, Government

Embracing diversity and inclusion has become vital for government organizations who wish to effectively service the diverse demographics of today's modern world. This brand-new September 2017 production emphasizes that accepting and including all of the diverse traits, beliefs, talents, knowledge, styles and experience employees bring to the workplace stimulates innovation, productivity, efficiency, employee morale, and retention.

The citizen populations that government organizations serve become more diverse every single year.  To understand the needs of citizens, it's critical that government embrace diversity and inclusion in their workforces.  The diversity video course will teach your employees that by embracing diversity, they will become better at their jobs and fulfill the ultimate goal of providing for the needs of the citizens who employ them.

Key Learning Points

  • What is diversity?
  • Why is diversity important?
  • How can employees embrace diversity?

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