Improving Performance Through Empowerment

Generate better results by empowering employees to take charge and make decisions

Improving Performance Through Empowerment

Do your employees focus on what you want rather than finding the best way to accomplish goals? Managers often control how things get done in an effort to save employees from making "mistakes." But this can sap initiative, prevent learning and stifle innovation. Through the positive behavior modeling dramatized in Improving Performance Through Empowerment, managers will discover the advantages of delegating responsibility, encouraging the exploration of new ideas and providing employees with new opportunities to learn. Improving Performance Through Empowerment will move managers away from telling employees exactly how to solve a problem to providing the guidance necessary for long-term growth and performance improvement. They'll also learn how to grow the organization's "human assets" by assigning projects that stretch the skills of employees and gets them to confront and overcome areas of weakness.

Key Learning Points

  • Generate better results by empowering employees to take charge and make decisions
  • How to allow employees to make and learn from mistakes
  • How to avoid "cosmetic empowerment"
  • How to encourage employees to have direct contact with both internal and external customers
  • How to give employees the opportunity to grow by allowing them to confront areas of weakness
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Title Improving Performance Through Empowerment
Program length 18 minutes

DVD, Leader's Guide, Self Study Book— Effective Delegation Skills