Values and Ethics

Situations for Discussion

Values and Ethics

Lay a strong foundation for building and maintaining healthy corporate ethics. Program contains short dramatic vignettes that demonstrate typical every day situations of employees exhibiting questionable ethics. As your managers struggle with the issues of ethics in the workplace, they may realize that your employees often do not have a clear understanding of the difference between ethical and unethical business practices. The success of organizations who train their employees on ethics offers proof that honesty really is the best policy - for both your organization and your employees. Thats why its critical for you to clearly communicate exactly what the ethical and moral expectations are for your employees. Your organizations bottom line depends on it! Values and Ethics can help your organization reduce wasted time and money, while increasing employee morale, confidentiality and productivity. Values and Ethics is a series of 12 short dramatic What Would You Do? vignettes. Each situation is followed by a short video break to allow for group discussion. After each discussion, you can summarize by communicating your organizations policy on the situation presented.

Key Learning Points

  • Recognize unethical employee behaviors
  • Implement ethical business practices
  • Understand your corporate ethics philosophy
  • Respond correctly to ethical situations
  • Develop a clear understanding of business ethics
  • Reduce wasted time, money and productivity
  • Discuss the three-step checklist to ethical decision making
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Title Values and Ethics
Program length 12 minutes