Mixing & Managing Four Generations Combo

2 Program Set

Mixing & Managing Four Generations Combo

Educate and stimulate positive interaction among your people. Mixing Four Generations in the Workplace will also dramatically reduce workplace conflict and provide managers and supervisors with strategies for dealing with recruiting, retaining, and motivating, using the generational differences in a positive way.

In Managing Four Generations in the Workplce, learn how to "Gen-Flex" or move into another generation's comfort zone. Do you remember the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" The golden rule would be great if we were all the same generation. But because people are different they need to be treated differently. This is the basis for what we call Gen-Flexing, operating in another generation's world. Treat them as they want to be treated. Gen-Flex out your comfort zone into theirs.

@ $1,495.00 each
Title Mixing & Managing Four Generations Combo
Program length 34 & 35 minutes (69 minutes total)

2 DVDs, 2 CDs with Facilitator's Guide, Participant Guide, and customizable PowerPoint Presentation that can be printed and used as a handout.