In This Together

An Engaging Look at Harassment and Respect

Real situations that will lead employees to make better choices.

Program length 18 minutes
Topics: Harassment, Respect

Seven front line employees from a variety of businesses speak directly to their peers as they lay out the issues of respect and harassment head on. From dealing with gossip to being in a bad mood, this entertaining program uses a non-threatening opinion survey to create a safe environment where viewers can re-evaluate their beliefs and their actions. No heavy corporate message, but rather insightful looks at real situations that will lead employees to make better choices. "...a positive approach to a kinder workplace..."

Key Learning Points

  • Benefits of common courtesies
  • Rules when attracted to someone at work
  • Perception vs. intent and who wins & loses
  • Legal definition of a hostile work environment
  • The risks of offensive language & jokes
  • The human cost of gossip
  • What to do when in a bad mood

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What's Included DVD, 10 Employee Handbooks, 10 Pocket Cards, 1 Leader's Guide & Packet of reproducable "I Understand" forms and "Company Policy" Statements
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