Lockout Tragedy (Danger Zone)

This training helps you comply with OSHA 1910.140.

Lockout Tragedy (Danger Zone)

Energy is well and good, provided you keep it under control. Supplement your company's lockout/tagout plan with this program. Get a good grounding on lockout/tagout procedures and hazardous energy sources and comply with OSHA 1910.140.

It is the employer’s responsibility to protect workers from injury when electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal, and other energy sources are present in the workplace. Lockout/Tagout: Controlling The Beast will help you develop and enforce an energy control program suited to the needs of your particular workplace. 

Key Learning Points

Energy Sources

  • Types of Energy

Controlling Hazardous Energy

  • Use of Locks and Tags
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures

OSHA Six-Step Procedure

  • Shutting Down and Isolation
  • Applying Lockout/Tagout Devices
  • Verification of Equipment Isolation

Re-Energizing After Completing Work

  • Removing Locks and Tags
Title Lockout Tragedy (Danger Zone)
Program length 16 minutes