Lockout/Tagout: An Open & Shut Case

Re-energize your safety efforts with this essential lockout/tagout program. 

Lockout/Tagout: Lightning In A Bottle

Lockout/Tagout: An Open & Shut Case shows your workers when to use tags to mark and identify the lockout situation to prevent the accidental or unexpected start up or release of stored energy when working on equipment and machinery.

Compliant with OSHA 1910.147, Lockout/Tagout: An Open & Shut Caseoutlines nine simple steps for safety, defines lockout and tagout and illustrates how they should be done

Key Learning Points

Basic Lockout/Tagout

  • Defining Lockout/Tagout
  • Tag and Lock Requirements
  • OSHA Standard and Energy Types

The Six Steps Of Lockout/Tagout

  • Preparation, Shutdown and Isolation
  • Application
  • Control and Verify


  • Restoring Equipment Readiness
Title Lockout/Tagout: An Open & Shut Case
Program length 15 minutes