Machine Guarding: Safeguard Your Future

OSHA requires specific machines to have equipped machine guarding to protect workers should a body part come into contact with the machine.


Workplaces that employ the use of heavy machinery or automated processes add a new element of hazards to everyday employee life and as such must be properly safeguarded. Machine Guarding: Safeguard Your Future shows that moving machine parts have the potential to cause severe injuries, including crushed fingers or hands, incidents requiring amputation, burns and even death.

Machine Guarding: Safeguard Your Future demonstrates how to safely reduce the chance of injury should your machines contain parts or processes that have the inherent risk to injure the operators or employees working within the vicinity of any machine.

Awareness is the first step toward safety, and Machine Guarding: Safeguard Your Future shows your employees how simple safeguards are present on machines for a specific purpose—to save them from loss of life and limb.

Key Learning Points

  • Safety guards
  • Safety devices
  • Lockout/tagout
  • PPE
Title Machine Guarding: Safeguard Your Future
Program length 14 minutes