Welding Safety: Safe Work With Hotwork

Safety is always a burning issue in the workplace, especially when it comes to hotwork.

Welding Safety: Safe Work With Hotwork

Risks heat up when working with hotwork. Cool them off with Welding Safety: Safe Work With Hotwork. This program provides detail-oriented training on how your workers can remain safe while welding through a careful analysis of personal hazards, hazardous fumes and substances, and proper care and maintenance of equipment.

Most accidents involving welding occur because of poor planning, lack of preparation and oversight. Welding Safety: Safe Work With Hotwork will show your employees how to maintain a secure area of welding.

Key Learning Points

  • Personal hazards
  • Hazardous fumes and substances
  • Equipment safety
Title Welding Safety: Safe Work With Hotwork
Program length 20 minutes