Forklifts: Inspect, Recharge, Refuel

Forklifts: Inspect, Recharge, Refuel

A forklift can be a dangerous piece of equipment. Performing the job safely not only requires lifting, lowering and traveling safely, but also inspecting your forklift before every shift and knowing the correct procedures for refueling and recharging.

Proper training can help prevent forklift injuries and deaths and as you know, employees are not authorized to operate a forklift unless they are trained. Forklifts: Inspect, Recharge, Refuel goes beyond operational forklift training to give employees an in-depth look at the importance of and steps for performing a pre-operational inspection. It also outlines the hazards associated with refueling gas, diesel or LPG engines and shows how to charge and change a battery.

Key Learning Points

  • How to perform an inspection before the engine is running
  • Proper inspection techniques when the engine is running
  • How to refuel gasoline and diesel engines
  • Refueling LPG engines
  • Preparing to charge a battery
  • Charging and changing a battery
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Title Forklifts: Inspect, Recharge, Refuel
Program length 14 minutes