Lockout/Tagout: Make No Mistake

Lockout/Tagout: Make No Mistake

Energy is the power for doing work, however when uncontrolled, it can be hazardous or even deadly. Compliance with the lockout/tagout standard prevents an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year.

Key Learning Points

  • Recognize different types of energy including potential, kinetic, flammable, chemical, electrical, thermal and pneumatic
  • Importance of recognizing types of energy
  • Identify who is susceptible to the threat of hazardous energy
  • How to properly control hazardous energy
  • What is the purpose of lockout?
  • What are the proper tools used to lockout/tagout equipment?
  • Examples of an energy-isolating device
  • Characteristics of performing tagout
  • What are the limitations of only using tagout?
  • Tagout safety measures
  • Learn the seven steps for lockout/tagout
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Title Lockout/Tagout: Make No Mistake
Program length 17 minutes