Behavioral Interviewing: Taking the Guess Work out of Recruiting

Introduces the proven system of behavioral interviewing.

Program length 25 minutes
Topics: Video Arts, Interviewing

Behavioral Interviewing: Taking the Guess Work out of Recruiting shows how to conduct an effective interview. It shows that past behavior is the key to predicting future performance. Rather than using intuition (I'll know them when I see them), an interviewer can use the questioning techniques demonstrated to retrieve relevant information based on past experiences.

A candidate's qualifications, experiences, posts they've held, level of responsibilities taken are all important details that you need to know. But the unanswered question is 'how will they actually perform in the precise job you're advertising?'

Because behavioral interviewing is a technique that is so important, so effective and always successful, it needs to be used consciously and systematically in every selection interview.

This program covers the following five stages of behavioral interviewing technique:

Draw up a behavioral profile
Focus on critical incidents
Hide your hand
Take your time
Make a list of key qualities

Behavioral interviewing will also show the importance of conducting a thorough review of the job requirements, drawing up a list of interview questions, getting behavioral examples in the interview, and then rating the interviewee's skills against the job specification.

Key Learning Points

  • Spotting patterns in responses
  • Concentrate on recent experience
  • Judge younger candidates leniently
  • Ignore irrelevant weakness

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What's Included DVD, Course leader's guide, Group training workbook, Self-study workbook, PowerPoint slides
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