A Leader's Guide to Delegating

Delegate, delegate, delegate.

A Leader's Guide to Delegating

What's every top manager's secret to success? In a word: delegate, delegate, delegate. But getting work done through others can often be difficult because it inevitably involves a loss of control. This program outlines a solid process for delegating and gives valuable insight to both new and experienced managers.

Effective delegation accomplishes more than just the task at hand. It also builds trust for future delegations, helps employees develop new skills, reduces managerial stress and improves organizational productivity.

Participants will learn a plan for successful delegation, presented in five steps.

A CRM Learning release.

Key Learning Points

  • Analyze the Task: Get specific about what needs to be done to achieve the goal. This includes setting a deadline and sizing up resources.
  • Choose the Right Delegatee: The right candidate should be highly motivated and possess the needed skills. (Delegating without giving careful consideration to your most qualified delegate is just "dumping.")
  • Assign the Task: Give clear instructions on desired outcomes - down to details like charts and presentations as well as resources available, deadlines, follow up steps, and amount of authority being delegated.
  • Execute the Task: While your delegate is executing the task, ensure that other team members are ready to support the process by communicating the delegatee's assignment and the authority he/she has been given.
  • Conduct Regular Feedback Sessions: Monitor issues so they don't become problems, and give the person opportunities to ask questions about the assignment.

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Title A Leader's Guide to Delegating
Program length 23 minutes

DVD, Facilitator's Guide, CD-ROM with PowerPoint Presentation and a PDF of the Delegatee Checklist, 10 Participant Workbooks & 10 Reminder Cards