The Leadership / Management Mix

What makes a good manager? What makes a good leader?

The Leadership / Management Mix

It's a tough choice. Both are strong candidates ....

Helen and Nisha have been shortlisted for the job of manager of a new customer contact centre. Who will get the job? It's up to you to decide...
What makes a good manager? What makes a good leader?

Is leadership just a fashionable name for management or are the skills of leadership distinctly different? If leadership is different, what's the best mix of management and leadership for your job? In these challenging times getting it right is even more vital.

The Leadership / Management Mix
helps you gain a better appreciation of what it takes to be more successful as a manager and leader. The realistic video engages you with the issues; the supporting materials, written by experienced trainer Larry Reynolds, help you apply the ideas to your own circumstances.

Key Learning Points

  • setting targets
  • reviewing progress
  • motivating and developing
  • articulating a vision
  • inspiring commitment
  • challenging the status quo
@ $795.00 each
Title The Leadership / Management Mix
Program length 18 minutes

DVD, Facilitator’s Guide with presentation materials & Self -study Guide with questionnaire