The program helps people learn what successful leadership looks like, what their personal leadership strengths are, and how to develop their areas of opportunity.

Program length 2 hours 49 minutes
Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Management

LEAD NOW! can be used as a complete leadership development system for leaders at all levels. Through a mini-video library and accompanying materials, it provides instruction and insights on 21 leadership dimensions in 4 quadrants: Creating Purpose, Delivering Excellence, Developing Self & Others, and Leading Change

Based on 50 years of collective experience coaching managers and leaders in top organizations worldwide. Woven into the LEAD NOW! content are 22 Leadership Lessons (timeless stories for the modern leader), 52 Leadership Gems (practical and quick leadership insights) and 150+ Leadership Power Tips. An Individual Development Plan with step-by-step instructions and experiential exercises is provided for each dimension.

The LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model covers everything from basic to advanced competencies. It provides the foundation for any personalized leadership development effort—whether it is a coaching engagement, a workshop, or a larger leadership program. Using the model will help identify and improve the behaviors needed to increase the success of leading others and achieving desired organizational results.

Key Learning Points

  • Create purpose
  • Deliver excellence
  • Lead change
  • Develop self and others

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