Love & Profit

The Art of Caring Leadership

Program length 30 minutes
Topics: Leadership, Mentoring, Values, ...

Based on the best-selling book, this gutsy new management video features the philosophy of James Autry, Fortune 500 executive and business consultant. Providing valuable insight relevant to humane management, Autry dares to be different by prescribing four basic elements for caring leadership. Trust - Rebuild a sense of community "If you mistrust people, you make them untrustworthy."
Honesty - Communicate openly and honestly "If people don't get the information they need, they make it up!" Special Treatment - Dare to give employees special treatment "You don't have to treat everyone the same."
Courage - Be candid and specific "Anger and intimidation are facades we hide behind." This deeply motivating program and comprehensive leader's guide will help you provide an intensive training program that will inspire your management team.

Key Learning Points

  • Personal Creativity Assessment
  • Checklist of common workplace behaviors that block creativity
  • A realistic, useful model of the creative thought process
  • Creative thinking methods-process tools that help you "do" creative thinking
  • Training Transfer Assessment

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What's Included DVD, Leader's guide & participant workbook
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