Leaders of Character: Leadership - The West Point Way

Discover how to bring character-driven leadership to your organization.

Program length 32 Minutes
Topics: Ethics, Leadership, Government, ...

What if training didnt simply produce good leaders, but produced leaders of character? At the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, it does.

History shows us that graduates of West Point have become some of our nations greatest leaders both on the battlefield and in the boardroom. Thus it follows that all organizations can learn something from West Point regarding not simply what is taught but how it is taught. In fact, by learning and applying West Points fundamental leadership principles, we can find ourselves in the midst of greatness every day - simply by going to work.

Leaders of Character: Leadership - the West Point Way takes us into some of this countrys foremost organizations, including Procter and Gamble, the FBI, Penguin Publishing, and the Peoples Health Center, where we see West Point graduates putting their skills to the test. These are people who, like all of us, combat time and resource pressures, yet practice daily the principles of leading with character, heading top-notch teams and uplifting entire organizations.

Discover how to bring character-driven leadership to your organization today with this timely and important new training, Leaders of Character: Leadership - the West Point Way.

Video hosted by Ed Ruggero, West Point graduate, noted leadership speaker, and author of the book, Duty First: A Year in the Life of West Point and the Making of American Leaders.

Key Learning Points

  • Ethics form the true basis of leadership.
  • A leader's communication is critical to the success of those s/he leads.
  • Teamwork is the transformative key to a group's effectiveness.
  • A great leader knows how to delegate tasks and responsibility downward.
  • A great leader must be able to plan, and be willing to abandon that plan if changing circumstances demand it.
  • Failure can teach powerful lessons

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What's Included DVD, Leader's Guide, 10 Participant Workbooks, 10 Reminder Cards, PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROM and 3 "Booster Shot" Follow-up Emails.
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