Complete Hell Series

Complete Hell Series

Parts 1 thru 10

Collection of small humorous ice breakers.

Program length 10 -10 minute programs
Topics: Meeting Openers, Cleese, John Library, Video Arts, ...

This collection of small humorous ice breakers focus on key business issues or skills and the mishaps and mayhem that can occur when things go wrong.

Bosses from Hell!
There's an art to being a good boss, but some people have yet to learn the right skills. Some typical examples will raise a smile in this collection of clips from videos such as Can you spare a moment?, The helping hand, The best of ...

Teams from Hell!  
A light-hearted look at what happens when teams aren't performing up to expectations, featuring clips from Talking to the team, Meetings, bloody meetings and From 'no' to 'yes'.

Salespeople from Hell!  
A collection of clips from award-winning Video Arts titles that confirm your worst fears about the sort of salespeople that give you hell.

Colleagues from Hell!  
You can rarely choose who you work with, and there are some characters that are a nightmare to deal with day-to-day. They're typified in these clips in From 'No' to 'yes', Talking to the team, The paper chase, Straight talking and ...

Employees from Hell!  
Being a manager can feel like the hardest job in the world, especially when you're dealing with Employees from hell! This collection comes from titles including The dreaded appraisal, Managing problem people and Oh what the hell.

Customers from Hell!  
Difficult, demanding and down-right dangerous customers crop up in this collection of light-hearted clips.

Communicators from Hell!  
Some people just don't know how to communicate at work, and need a helpful push through training to get the skills right. This amusing video really gets the message across.

Interviewers from Hell!  
A light-hearted 10-minute look at interview gaffes and nightmares, featuring clips from classic Video Arts programs. Suitable as an ice-breaker, meeting break or to reinforce key interview skills learning points.

Public service from Hell!  
Dealing with the public is a responsible position - but the service from some of those in authority leaves a lot to be desired in this selection of blunders.

Key Learning Points

  • Delivers practical advice and techniques that can be applied immediately
  • Suitable for one-to-one and one-to-group communication
  • Targeted at managers, salespeople, and front-line personnel

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  • Online Delivery (call for pricing)
  • E-Learning (call for pricing)

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