Going to a Meeting Series

Going to a Meeting Series

Hosted by John Cleese

Program length 40 minutes
Topics: Time Management, Cleese, John Library, Teams, ...

The Going to a Meeting Series is an engaging two-part program hosted by John Cleese (that's right...he's back). The series focuses on the attendee's role and how to make the most of meetings. 

The two part Going to a Meeting Series in based on a group of middle managers in a large hospital. Messing Up a Meeting, focuses on Jeremy preparing to go to a regular meeting with his colleagues. Unfortunately "preparing" doesnt describe what we see him doing. "Grabbing a few papers and turning up late" would be more accurate.

The second program in the Going to a Meeting series, Meeting Menaces, contains five short sequences, introduced by John Cleese. These show how to cope with colleagues whose behavior stops meetings from getting results. Jeremy fails to handle the destructive behavior of each of the menaces and the meeting they are all attending becomes a farce.

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What's Included Two DVDs, Series Course Leader's Guide, Series Delegate worksheets on disk, Series Powerpoint slides and Series Self-Study Workbook on disk
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