Messing Up a Meeting

Messing Up a Meeting

Going to a Meeting Series Part 1

Program length 20 minutes
Topics: Video Arts, John Cleese, Meetings

Messing Up a Meeting shows how to avoid common mistakes. And how to not look like a fool in front of the boss.

Messing Up a Meeting, a staff member hurriedly prepares for a meeting. The narrator, John Cleese, tries to warn the employee, Jeremy, to be more thorough and prepare properly. Jeremy doesn't listen and the ensuing meeting is a disaster for him. John Cleese gives him some suggestions and the scene is replayed with a more positive outcome. In the next segment; Jeremy irritates the team leader, changes the agenda and openly argues with a fellow employee. Once again using the classic wrong-way right way scenarios, John Cleese shows Jeremy the error of his ways and how to change his behaviour for the better.

  1. Staff will learn how to get the best out of going to meetings
  2. Quality of meetings will improve
  3. Better meetings will build teams and improve performance
  4. Suitable for anybody who attends meetings

Key Learning Points

  • Do your homework – research the facts, present your case professionally and prepare for objections.
  • Keep it short – stick to the point, stick to the agenda and if you’ve got nothing to say, keep quiet.
  • Keep it cool and courteous – use questions, not contradiction, show you’ve been listening, respect other’s arguments, admit your weak points and others’ strong ones.

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