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Develop Your Mentor-Mentee Partnership. Get Two New Mentoring Programs for a Special Package Price!

Program length 23 minutes
Topics: Mentoring

A mentor is one of any organization’s greatest resources. He or she fulfills that crucial role of helping newer associates & team members learn about their new role – and their new organization. But this vital mentor-mentee relationship goes well beyond the initial first few days on the new job. In fact, it’s a relationship that can last throughout the respective careers of both participants.

Having a committed mentor is a key factor to improving employee engagement - and we know that good engagement means employees will stay longer and their contributions increase.

Consider this research from Forbes Magazine...

  • Millennials planning to stay with their employer for more than five years are twice as likely to have a mentor (68%) than not (32%).
  • Among millennials planning to leave their employer within two years, only 61% were happy about with the mentoring they received.
  • Deloitte’s 2016 Human Capital Trends report found that 85% of executives surveyed rated engagement as an important or very important priority for their business.

Program 1: Mentoring 101™ - The Basics:
When you’re a mentor, you’re really like a coach… someone who can speak from experience… a resource that can give insight, even tips - that will help someone else be successful at what they’re doing. Some organizations have official mentors while others have an informal approach to mentoring. No matter how it happens, as a mentor, you’re filling a vital role to the on-going success of your organization.

About Program 2: Mentoring 201™ - The Next Steps for Success
This program takes a closer look at some key elements of the mentor/mentee relationship.

Key Learning Points

  • Planning for a successful discussion
  • Setting goals
  • Identifying career paths
  • Establishing development needs

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