Employee 101: Respecting the Team

Employee 101: Respecting the Team

This outstanding employee orientation program is very entertaining and easy to follow. Employee 101: Respecting the Team! Provides up-to-date training that will get your new employees off to a great start, and does double-duty as an effective "refresher" for your current team members. Employee 101: Respecting the Team! combines humor, expert testimonials, and eye-popping computer animation to create a training tool that is effective, memorable and fun to watch.

Key Learning Points

  • The Basics:
  • Creating a professional appearance
  • Understanding the importance of punctuality
  • Getting Informed:
  • How (and where) to get information you need;
  • Everything you always wanted to know about asking questions (but were afraid to ask)
  • Respecting the Team:
  • The importance of common courtesy within the team;
  • How to recognize and avoid harassment of any kind
  • Increasing Your Value to the Team:
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to become an outstanding employee
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Title Employee 101: Respecting the Team
Program length 18 minutes

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