The Plus of Us: Dynamic Diversity Training

Do your employees understand what workplace behavior is acceptable, what's unprofessional, and what's even illegal?

Program length 54 minutes
Topics: Diversity, Respect

This program will educate your employees and supervisors to avoid behaviors that harass and discriminate even as you help them recognize how everyone benefits from a diverse, dynamic workforce.

The Plus of Us: Dynamic Diversity Training has separate workshops for Employees and Supervisors that encourage interactive participation by learners as they explore scenarios addressing discrimination, harassment and diversity issues

Key Learning Points

  • Age/multi-generational tensions
  • Sex and gender orientation harassment
  • Disability
  • Personal appearance
  • Protected class cultural and lifestyle identifiers
  • Religion
  • Familial association discrimination
  • Third party harassment and discrimination
  • Retaliation

Support Materials

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What's Included DVD and Leader's Guide
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