The Respectful Workplace Basics Set

Respectful Workplace & Respectful Communicator

These two videos show employees the things they can do to help create a work environment where differences are accepted and individuals are valued. 

The Respectful Workplace Basics Set

In The Respectful Workplace Basics Settwo videos are presented that help employees understand what it means to show respect to others on a daily basis. When everyone in the organization practices the skills presented in these videos, individual and team performance improves, harassment and discrimination are prevented, and employee satisfaction increases. 

Key Learning Points

  • Avoid Clearly Discriminatory or Intolerant Behavior
  • Respect the Unique Perspective and Knowledge Each Person Has to Offer
  • Act in Ways That Build People Up, Not Tear Them Down
  • Let Go of the Belief That Your Way is Always Right

Key Learning Points

  • Talk With Someone Instead of About Them
  • Confirm that You Understand What Someone is Saying
  • Know the Boundaries of What's Appropriate to Talk About
  • Communicate Respectfully During Disagreements

Support Materials

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Title The Respectful Workplace Basics Set
Program length 33 minutes

DVD, Leader's Guide, CD-ROM with PDFs of reproducible Participant Worksheets