Incident Reporting: You Can Save A Life

With this inspirational training program employees and supervisors will learn the invaluable importance that incident reporting plays in preventing future mishaps

Incident Command System: When Seconds Count

Incident Reporting: You Can Save A Life showcases the Zero-Accident Mentality critical to prevent accidents before they happen. Through a thorough breakdown of incidents and the reporting of near-misses, future incidents can be avoided and lives can be saved.

Incident reporting requires the participation of all levels of employees including management and supervisors. The success of every program depends on accurate information provided from incident reports to determine a course of action necessary to prevent history from repeating. Incident Reporting: You Can Save A Life goes inside the Pro-Active Safety process to instruct employees and supervisors on proper inspection and hazard identification methods that can be used to spot incidents before they happen.

Key Learning Points

  • Inspection and Identification
  • Near-misses
  • Assessment and Implementation
  • Pro-Active Safety
Title Incident Reporting: You Can Save A Life
Program length 16 minutes