OSHA: An Introduction for Construction

OSHA Standards are strict and if your company fails to meet them, it could result in fines or even a stoppage in work.

OSHA: An Introduction for Construction

OSHA has an entire section of standards devoted entirely to the construction industry. Compliance is mandatory. Help your supervisors, foremen and workers understand the mission and workings of OSHA with OSHA: An Introduction For Construction, designed specifically for the construction industry.

Key Learning Points

OSHA: Past and Present

  • History of OSHA
  • Mandate and Existing Standards

Setting Standards

  • Consensus and Proprietary Standards
  • General Duty Clause
  • Understanding OSHA Standards


  • Workplace Inspections
  • Handling Citations and Penalties


  • Responsible Employers
  • Safety Program and Professional Liability
  • Hidden Costs of Accidents
  • A Word About NIOSH
Title OSHA: An Introduction for Construction
Program length 18 minutes