Personal Protective Equipment: The Right Choice!

Give a first-hand look at tragic consequences that arise from a blatant disregard for safety.

Personal Protective Equipment: The Right Choice!

Immense time and effort goes into the science and construction of safety equipment. It exists for one sole purpose—injury prevention. Personal Protective Equipment: The Right Choice! showcases a worker’s testimony on how he was injured because he didn’t wear the right equipment.

The employer has an inherent responsibility to assure their employees are properly trained on the roles of personal protective equipment in the workplace. Once your workers see what COULD happen, then perhaps, unlike the worker in Personal Protective Equipment: The Right Choice!, they’d be more likely to take their PPE seriously.

Key Learning Points

  • How to Select the Right PPE for the Job
  • The Responsibility of the Employer and Employee
  • Proper Application of PPE
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Title Personal Protective Equipment: The Right Choice!
Program length 20 minutes