Street Smarts

Employees can remain safe and secure by adhering to the safety measures outlined in this high speed training.

Street Smarts

Have your employees forgotten the basic rules of safe driving? Maybe their driving safety knowledge is out-of-date? Bring your employees back to the basics of safe driving with Street Smarts. The newest and fourth addition to Coastal's award-winning driver safety training series, this program will boost your workers' safety awareness and ensure their well-being by reminding them how their lives depend on following the "rules of the road" Freshen up their driving know-how and help save their lives with Street Smarts.

Key Learning Points

  • The proper driving position for hands
  • A trucks"No Zone"
  • Secure vehicle break down procedures
  • Difference between rural and city driving
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of crime
  • How to react in order to avoid a crash
@ $295.00 each

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Title Street Smarts
Program length 21 minutes

Customizable PowerPoint, printable Leader's Guide for trainers