Breaking Competitive Accounts

The Seven Critical Sales Actions

Breaking Competitive Accounts

Now your sales force can learn to get ahead of the eagerly awaiting competition of the '90s, land those hard-to-get accounts, and increase market share by implementing the tactics of winning over business instead of walking away defeated. Let international sales training consultant Skip Normand reinforce to your sales team how most of your organization's new business potential depends on their ability to consistently capture competitive business.

Key Learning Points

  • How to use research to plan and implement a high impact sales campaign to capture competitive business
  • How to build and maintain the high level momentum needed even with hard-to-see decision makers
  • How to reposition the top competitors in the mind of the prospect, forcing your company, its products and services to become the new benchmark
  • How to avoid the most common lost sales pattern
  • How to form a planner to stay on track
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Title Breaking Competitive Accounts
Program length 23 minutes

DVD, Leader's Guide, Self-Study Book - Sold on Selling— Skills and Techniques