Subtle Sexual Harassment: Program 1, For all Employees

The Issue is Respect

Program length 28 minutes
Topics: Sexual Harassment

Subtle Sexual Harassment - The Issue is Respect takes us into the experiences of men and women who have been the victims of subtle sexual harassment. We are all aware of the blatant "Quid Pro Quo" cases, but the law now goes well beyond these most obvious transgressions and protects employees from more subtle forms of harassment. As men and women continue to work closely together, these subtle cases have become more common and a greater problem for employers and employees alike. Theatrical representations designed to avoid the common "soap opera" approach to sexual harassment training scenarios bring the message home clearly and powerfully. The Issue is Respect examines the distinction between people's "sex roles" and their "work roles" and identifies the serious problems we can get ourselves into when these roles get confused. Comes with reproducible notes and a versatile Leader's Guide which makes it easy to tailor the training to your company's needs.

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What's Included DVD & Leader's Guide
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