Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Identify. Stop. Prevent II

Program length 23 minutes
Topics: Sexual Harassment

Everyone loses when sexual harassment occurs. It lowers morale and productivity and it can result in costly time-consuming lawsuits. But the key is to eliminate sexual harassment before it starts. Eliminating sexual harassment begins with employee education and training. Every employee in your organization--from an entry-level worker to the highest ranking manager--must be able to identify sexual harassment and know how to take proactive steps to stop it. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace...Identify. Stop. Prevent. II will leave no question in the minds of your employees about what constitutes sexual harassment, and how to prevent it. This best selling video on awareness and prevention, now updated to include the most recent guidelines and court rulings, provides dramatic vignettes illustrating key training points, reinforced with important definitions and explanations provided by an expert in the field of sexual harassment. By viewing examples of harassing behavior and having its effects and ramifications explained to them in no uncertain terms, employees will come to understand that it is everyone's responsibility to keep the workplace free of sexual harassment. Viewers will also learn about tangible vs. intangible harm; welcomed vs. unwelcomed conduct; occasional teasing and simple rudeness vs. sexual harassment; sexual discrimination; the "reasonable person" definition; how to let others know that their words and behaviors are unwanted and unwelcomed; and how to meet their obligation to follow your organization's procedures for reporting a sexual harassment complaint.

Key Learning Points

  • How to define sexual harassment and identify quid pro quo and hostile environment sexual harassment
  • How to prevent sexual harassment from occurring
  • How to stop sexual harassment if it does occur
  • How to follow your organization's procedures for reporting a sexual harassment complaint

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